Belinda’s Typing Service to Virtual Belle

My daughter, Rio, was born in December 1988. Since I wasn’t returning to the law office where I had been working, her father and I talked about work at home ideas. Since secretarial work was what I had done since I was 16, Belinda’s Typing Service was the obvious choice for me to earn money from home. Belinda’s Typing service “opened” in February 1989.

There was no internet, so there was also no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Cell phones weren’t even commonplace; pagers were “in.” So, how did I let people know what I was doing? I got the word out by mass mailing work associates, handed out business cards, put magnetic signs on my car, and joined the local Chamber of Commerce. My best advertising, however, was an ad in our local phone book. Once I had my ad running, the phone started ringing! I had a 1/2″ ad in the phone book until I closed my business.

When I first started, my equipment included a DOS computer with WordPerfect, a rented copy machine, typewriter, and telephone with an answering machine. I had a desk, credenza and typing table all set up in the foyer of our home. This setup worked out perfectly since I made appointments with my clients to come to my office to discuss their project.

My first client was a local construction company that was also just starting out. When we first started working together, I prepared their bids for potential projects, and through time the work grew to include bookkeeping and other administrative support.

Additionally, I met with clients to assist in writing and preparing resumes. I got to know a lot of great people through this service. I worked with individuals just getting out of college, those who lost their jobs to plant closings, and company executives ready for a career change.

Belinda’s Typing Service continued operation from home, even when “home” changed. Rio’s father and I divorced in 1993, so I was then the sole bread winner for the two of us. Thankfully, my client base had grown significantly due to the quality and service I provided to my customers.

In 2000, I decided to close Belinda’s Typing Service. My construction client had an office space in one of their buildings become vacant, so we decided to move all my equipment there and have an office for their business. Seventeen years later, we’re still there, and their business is thriving. My duties now include everything from bookkeeping to handling all their administrative needs.

I also work part-time for our local home builder’s association as their Executive Officer. As EO, I am responsible for maintaining membership information, preparing monthly newsletters, emails, planning and organizing monthly board and membership meetings and events (i.e., Parade of Homes, golf tournaments, bowling tournaments, etc.).

In 2016, I joined the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). After months of studying, I sat for and passed the exam for Certified Administrative Professionals. I also joined, the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), and the Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants (GAVA).

I am now in my 50’s and am planning my next career phase. It is time to utilize all the wonder of technology and assist businesses with their administrative needs virtually. As you can see, I have a vast amount of administrative experience. Please check out Virtual Belle; I would love to work with you and help your business grow! So, if you are finding it hard to get everything done, let’s talk!