Hello Norwex, You Are Awesome!

“So what is Norwex?” Norwex is a brilliant family of “green” cleaning supplies that originated in Norway in the 1990’s.

I was first introduced to Norwex in 2016 at a party my niece was hosting. Having never seen the products before, I was amazed at how great the EnviroCloth got things clean and sanitized! I was very impressed with what I saw at that party, so I decided to host one myself. I had a wonderful time with family and friends sharing these amazing products. The older I get, the more concerned I am with chemicals and their harmful effects, so I was excited to share Norwex with my guests.

Let me tell you a little about the first products I bought and loved!


To use dry – just fold into quarters and wipe dusty surfaces.  When finished, take the cloth and shake it outside to release the dust.

To use wet – wet the cloth and wring out the excess water.  Again, fold the cloth into quarters.  Wipe the dirty surface, making sure to keep the cloth flat against the surface instead of bunching up the cloth when wiping; this allows for maximum surface area contact which means maximum cleaning. When one side of the cloth gets dirty, simply flip the cloth over and use the other side, then unfold, and use another quarter of the cloth, and so on, until you use all parts of the cloth.  When it gets grimy, just rinse the cloth under warm/hot running water, while rubbing the cloth against itself to release the dirt.  Wring it out, and start again!


This cloth is best when used as a drying cloth. You can either lightly spray the surface with water and then use the window cloth to dry and polish, but I prefer to wash first with a Norwex EnviroCloth, which really cleans the dirt and residue off. Then wipe the wet, clean surface with your window cloth until dry. There’s no need to wipe in circles even, just back and forth or up and down, and once around the edge – you will love the results!



Our house always ends up with a lot of dust; I also don’t like dusting, maybe that has something to do with it! I do, however, like dusting with the microfiber mitt because it picks up the dust instead of just dragging it around.


To take care of your Norwex Cloths: When they need it, they can be washed and dried in your machines. Dry them with low-lint items because the microfiber will grab lint off other things in your dryer if it gets a chance! Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Bleach degrades the fabric, and fabric softener coats the fibers and wrecks their grabbing power.


It’s hard for me to reach several things in our home, so this handy item is a great thing! I also love it for the following reasons:

1.  ELECTRONICS – This is great for dusting the TV, stand, DVD player, etc.

2. THE SPACE IN YOUR KITCHEN BETWEEN THE OVEN AND CABINETS OR THE ONE BETWEEN THE REFRIGERATOR AND THE WALL – You know should do something about it, but you never actually do anything about it, because it means moving those large appliances. The Norwex EnviroWand fits in that space, grabs all the dust, and allows you to pull out those crumbs that laugh at you every time you prepare food!

3.  CEILING FANS – The bending feature helps with cleaning your ceiling fans. Bend it in the middle, and drag it across the top of the fan blade.


After receiving these awesome Norwex products, and using them in my home, I decided to join the Norwex team as an Independent Sales Consultant. If you’d like to know more about Norwex and their great products, click here.

Have any of you used Norwex? If so, what are your favorite products?

Until next time,

Bea Green Cleaning!