How Foxie Roxie and PB Became Friends

How Foxie Roxie and PB Became Friends

As I prepared to write my first blog post, I was overcome with emotion to write about my great friend, Roxie. You see, today is Roxie’s birthday, Happy Birthday, my friend!

Roxie and I grew up in very different environments, but that didn’t stop us from becoming long-time friends – 36 years now! Roxie grew up in St. Louis and I grew up on a farm in NW Missouri.

We first talked to each other in the parking lot at Central Missouri State University, now known as the University of Central Missouri. We were carrying heaping arms full of items to our dorm and talked all the way into the building. As we started climbing the stairs, we were shocked to find out we were going to the same room! Little did we know that we’d be starting an amazing friendship.

Roxie was only at CMSU for one term then went back home to St. Louis. Roxie and I had a lot of fun during our short time as roomies. My parents adored her and loved sending us care packages full of great homemade food items! She came home with me, and I went home with her, our families blended!

After Roxie had left CMSU, we stayed in touch as much as possible. There were no cell phones, but calling cards to be able to call long distance. I’ll never forget calling her crying on April 1, 1982. My father was killed in a car wreck that day, and the one person I needed to talk to was Roxie. She took a bus all the way across the state to my hometown so she could be with me several days while I was going through that very difficult time.

We have visited each other many times through the years, and each time it’s just like we’ve not been apart. I truly feel God puts people in your lives when you need them, sometimes you just don’t know the reasons for a while.

Thanks for reading my first blog post. I look forward to spending time with you again soon.


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